Arnold Hiking RIM Trail

Click on the links provided by Arnold rim to download a high or low resolution copy of the Trail Map.

For a printed version, visit one of the following locations:

MOBILE USERS: Download this mapping app to your smart phone & search for “Arnold Rim Trail”

Download Map – high resolution JPG – 11.10 MB jpg

Once you’ve downloaded the map, you’ll be able to geo-locate while you are on the trail. Since the map will be downloaded to your smart phone, you won’t need a wi-fi or cell signal to use it on the trail.

Great views of forests, waterfall, canyons, and streams. Many birds and wildlife. Breathtaking vistas with panoramic views stretching from Mt. Diablo in the East Bay Area to snowy Mt. Lyell on the high eastern slopes of the Sierras near Yosemite, then dive down into canyons with streams coursing through the shade of older growth forests of cedar, pine, fir and oak. High rocky promontories, native acorn grinding rocks, a magnificent waterfall, many birds and wildlife of all kinds, and a lake.